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"Seventy years ago voters decided that it was time to keep politics out of our courtrooms and allow the rule of law, not political agendas, to guide the administration of justice in Missouri. At a time when there is simply too much politics in government, Missouri’s voters should reject [the 2012] attempt to discard our nonpartisan system for selecting judges." 

-Retired Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ray Price

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31 Will Interview for Associate Circuit Vacancy in St. Louis County

January 6, 2015 
Your Missouri Courts
 The 21st Judicial Circuit Commission will interview all 31 applicants for the current associate circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis County created by the appointment of Judge Sandra Farrgut-Hemphill to the circuit bench. Interviews are set for February 4 and 5, and are open to the public ...

Govenor Appoints Experienced Prosecutors to Fill Vacancies in Three Counties

December 31,2014
Office of Missouri Governor
Gov. Jay Nixon today appointed prosecuting attorneys with decades of prosecutorial experience to fill positions in Harrison, Sullivan and Worth counties that will become vacant January 1, 2015 ...

Election Aftermath: Some Suggest Non-Partisan Court Plan for Cole County

November 9,2014
Jefferson City News Tribune
Including its $100,000 direct donation to Brian Stumpe's campaign, the Republican State Leadership Committee spent nearly $300,000 in its effort to unseat incumbent Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce ...

Poll: Cole County Voters Concerned about 'Outside Money' in Judge's Race

October 24, 2014
Jefferson City News Tribune
At least two-thirds of Cole County’s voters are concerned about “outside, special interest money pouring into” the county’s circuit judge’s race, according to a poll released Thursday by the Washington, D.C.-based “Justice at Stake” group ...

"Those of us in the business community want a justice system that is fair, impartial & predictable because it eliminates, as much as possible, politics in the selection of our judges. If the [2012 proposed amendment] passes, all future governors will have virtual control over the appointment of appellate judges in Missouri. I hope business leaders will join with me in opposing the [2012 proposed alterations to The Missouri Plan]."

-Jack Stack, President & CEO of SRC Holdings Corp.

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"School boards throughout the state have a strong interest in preserving an unbiased court system. [The 2012 Amendment] would introduce a troublesome degree of politics into a system that is working well. MSBA believes this amendment has the potential to make judges beholden to politicians and political agendas. "

​-Dr. Carter Ward, Executive Director, MissouriSchool Boards’ Association