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"Seventy years ago voters decided that it was time to keep politics out of our courtrooms and allow the rule of law, not political agendas, to guide the administration of justice in Missouri. At a time when there is simply too much politics in government, Missouri’s voters should reject [the 2012] attempt to discard our nonpartisan system for selecting judges." 

-Retired Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ray Price

Press Releases

Behind the bench: Q&A with Missouri Supreme Court Justice Mary Rhodes Russell

August 13, 2013
The Missouri Times
Mary Rhodes Russell began her two-year term as Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court in July. The Missouri Times sat down with Russell for a Q&A...

"Transparent" Hypocrisy from Judicial Reformers

July 12, 2013
by Brett Emison
Critics of the Missouri Plan have been at it again. This time, their hypocrisy is in full display...


Russell wants judiciary to help with civics education

July 1, 2013
Jefferson City News Tribune
Judges are known most for making decisions in legal matters, resolving legal disputes that affect people’s lives. “It is our job...

"Those of us in the business community want a justice system that is fair, impartial & predictable because it eliminates, as much as possible, politics in the selection of our judges. If the [2012 proposed amendment] passes, all future governors will have virtual control over the appointment of appellate judges in Missouri. I hope business leaders will join with me in opposing the [2012 proposed alterations to The Missouri Plan]."

-Jack Stack, President & CEO of SRC Holdings Corp.

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"School boards throughout the state have a strong interest in preserving an unbiased court system. [The 2012 Amendment] would introduce a troublesome degree of politics into a system that is working well. MSBA believes this amendment has the potential to make judges beholden to politicians and political agendas. "

​-Dr. Carter Ward, Executive Director, MissouriSchool Boards’ Association